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n today’s Ritter On Real Estate episode, we chat with returning guest Julie Holly. Julie is a speaker and founder of Three Keys Investment, and today we talk about Assisted Living Investments and why they are great investments!

Julie has invested in single-family homes, house-hacked before it had a name, managed properties from 1k miles away and passively invested in multifamily assets. Julie is passively invested in nearly 300 doors, strategically partnered in 68 Atlanta based and a general partner in 387 units.

Her podcast ‘The Conscious Investor’ is designed to support investors at every step of their journey. Enjoy over 300 episodes on mindset and how highly successful investors overcome limitations and become an unstoppable force of success.

Welcome to the show, Julie!

Key Points From The Episode:
-How Julie discovered assisted living and how it sparked her interest later in life.
-Why Assisted Living is a great investment right now.
-The exponential need for assisted living, 70% of seniors using it at some point.
-Assisted Living vs Nursing Homes, what’s the difference?
-Julie’s investment strategy for Assisted Living.
-What Investors need to know before investing in Assisted Living.
-Why good management is ESSENTIAL for investing in Assisted Living Assets.

Books Mentioned: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho & The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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