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On today’s episode of Ritter On Real Estate, We chat with Paul Shannon and Jim Pfeifer.

Jim Pfeifer, the maverick behind Left Field Investors, who is rewriting investment rules and blazing a trail in passive investing and syndications. Formerly a financial advisor, Jim has transformed into a cash flow expert, breaking free from the standard playbook. His commitment lies in sharing his knowledge with others who are eager to explore alternative ways to grow their wealth. It is with this understanding that he founded The Left Field Investors, an organization dedicated to passive investment, thriving on principles of knowledge sharing, networking, and continuous learning.

Since transitioning to real estate investing full-time in 2019, Paul has acquired over 200 residential units, many deep value-add properties, starting with single-family and transitioning to multifamily, by recycling his equity and/or joint venturing. Paul is also an experienced limited partner, investing in over 1,500 multifamily units nationwide.  These experiences have led to the formation of InvestWise Collective, a customizable fund aimed at helping investors diversify out of traditional markets into passive real estate opportunities. Welcome to the show Paul and Jim!

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Jim’s and Paul’s background, Working in other careers, discovering Real Estate, and becoming investors.
  • How Left Field Investors formed during the pandemic.
  • Paul’s background in sales, using the BRRRR strategy to start investing full-time
  • How the mindset of investors has changed in just a few years.
  • Why Debt is important in today’s real estate syndication landscape.
  • The competitive nature of investing in today’s market.
  • What Jim and Paul say to those who want to just leave their money in a savings account.
  • The partnership between Left Field Investors and InvestWise Collective.

Books Mentioned:
– Avoiding Rookie Errors As A Left Fielder By Steve Su (Not out yet)
– The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin

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