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In today’s Ritter On Real Estate episode, we chatted with Scot Sillari. Scott has 13+ years of experience in consulting and coaching in the Real Estate industry, Mortgage Brokerage as a Loan Processor, Certified Home Appraiser, Growing Sales, and Business Development for Vyral Marketing, and Licensed RE Agent, Scott has been recognized as a speaker and influencer within the Real Estate space.

He’s passionate about helping business owners reach their goals and dreams by guiding them to make the best business decisions to propel them forward in this ever-changing industry.

As the CEO of Real Synch, Scott focuses on leadership and growth and strives to ensure that Real Synch is continuously developing valuable partnerships to provide robust integration options with major applications being used in the real estate space.

Key Points From The Episode: 

  • How Automation has helped Scott’s business. Why technology is super important for real estate investors.
  • Scott’s background as a home appraiser discovering different needs that are needed in real estate.
  • How Real Sych got started.
  • Where and how to start building your tech stack.
  • The importance of having a CRM to manage contacts.
  • Understanding the 3 M’s Media, Message, Market.
  • How to build relationships with potential investors.
  • Best ways to communicate. Some helpful tools, including Slack & HubSpot.
  • Creating efficiency in your business communication.

Books Mentioned:

  • Predictable Revenue, by Aaron Ross.