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Welcome to Curtis’ Corner, a segment hosted by Hudson Investing’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Curtis Edwards.  On this episode,we chat with Corey Daharsh. Corey is the business development specialist at Advanta IRA. Advanta IRA is an elite provider of self-directed plans serving clients across the nation. Their mission is to enlighten and empower people who want to take an active role in building retirement wealth.

Born and raised in central Florida, Corey is a University of South Florida graduate. He worked in the finance and banking industry for several years before joining Advanta IRA. Corey is a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) and delivers exceptional service and self-directed expertise as he educates investors on the power of self-directed accounts in the Carolina/Tennessee region. Welcome to the show, Corey!

Key Points From The Episode:
-What is a Self-Directed IRA?
-Corey’s background and upbringing.
-How Advanta IRA helps individuals take control over their retirement.
-Self-Directed IRAs vs more traditional alternatives typically recommended to investors.

Hudson Investing’s Guide To Self-Directed IRAs: