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In today’s episode of #RitterOnRealEstate, we chat with special guest Max Fisch!

Motivated by numerous mentors and excited about real estate, Max started out as a mortgage originator in the early 2000s and within one year, completed his first flip, netting a significant profit. Over the years, Max has completed hundreds of real estate transactions between financing, wholesaling acquisition, rehabbing, and long-term investing.

Using virtual assistants, Max has been able to scale up his business to the size he wants, without overburdening him or his team. With an average deal size of $500k+ his operation is low volume with 4-6 rehabs annually. In addition, he and his team complete, on average, 25-35 wholesale transactions each year.

After being burned by numerous property managers, coupled with the rising costs of marketing and lead generation, Max knew he needed more control of his properties and business, without sacrificing his own time. As a result, he founded Real Estate Project Solutions, a full-service Virtual Assistant Agency that caters specifically to the real estate industry. His management team helps real estate investors, agents, and entrepreneurs outsource any area of their business in order to save on payroll costs and time to maximize profits.

With today’s technology, his team can easily take the guesswork out of hiring, training, and managing Virtual Professionals for investors of all portfolio sizes. Welcome to the show Max!

Key Points From The Episode: 

-Max’s start doing mortgages and appraising in college.

-Getting over the hurdle of needing to do everything in his business.

-Hiring VA’s vs W2 workers.

-W2 worker horror stories… Not attracting the right time.

-What Max’s company looks for in a good VA.

-How to identify what tasks that need to be offloaded.

-How Max’s company functions. Managing the A’s.

-The best software for managing VA.

Books Mentioned:

  • Any book by Zig Ziglar!