Category: Property Management

Today’s #RitterOnRealEstate guest is Janet Fields. Janet Fields is the CEO and co-founder of Oak Trust Properties. She got into property management as a child when her parents started flipping houses to rent them out and got the entire family involved in the renovation process. Now, Janet leads a team of almost entirely women in the male-dominated property management industry, offering a strategic approach to optimizing the returns on your rentals. Welcome to the show Janet!

Key Points From The Episode: 

  • Janet’s background, being born into real estate. Parents always buying/selling real estate & managing properties.
  • Understanding the role of a property manager.
  • The signs of a good property manager.
  • How to set up solutions for investors as a property manager.
  • Communication between property owners and managers. Knowing when it time to move on from your current property manager.
  • The accidental investor, and why they are often doomed before they start.
  • Mistakes new investors make when it comes to property management. Focusing on what’s profitable and just glamorous work.
  • Standardization being your friend.

Books mentioned: The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham