Category: Investments

On today’s episode of Ritter On Real Estate, we chat with Matt Hansen. Matt is a retired corporate executive who transitioned to full-time real estate investor. His portfolio includes over 2000 units of multifamily apartments located in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

Like many people, 100% of his retirement funds were locked into his 401K and exposed to the volatility of the stock market. So he found one of the best alternatives, which is investing in real estate passively. Now he spends his time helping investors move their money from Main Street to Wall Street and diversify their portfolios with inflation-resistant and tax-advantaged real estate.

Key Points From The Episode:

– Leaving his corporate job to start a new career in real estate and gain passive income.
– What being a passive investor means to Matt. How to define passive investing.
– The importance of educating yourself on the deal before investing your money.
– The pros and cons of passive investing.
– Why having the right deal sponsor is super important.
– Joining masterminds and choosing mentors.
– How to vet a deal sponsor.
– How actually investing in syndication works. The process of placing your money in and receiving cash distributions.