Category: Multifamily

Today’s #RitterOnRealEstate guest is Jake Clopton. Jake Clopton founded Clopton Capital in 2010 and is active in all commercial mortgage broker operations. He has an extensive background in commercial finance and interest rate markets, serves as the company president and head mortgage broker, and oversees each loan arrangement personally.  Jake has personally negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate loans and advisory work.

Under his guidance, the company developed an extensive network of pertinent relationships.  Prior to founding the company, Jake traded interest rate hedging futures.  He worked with the largest participant in the Eurodollar futures market (LIBOR) and gained extensive and unique insight into interest rate markets and commercial finance. Jake has created his company with the right balance of versatility, reliability, resolve, and measured aggressiveness in closing deals that make his company a force in the commercial real estate funding industry.

Key Points From The Episode:

  •  Jake’s prior work experience on Wall Street as a trader.
  •  Starting his business after the 2007 stock market crash.
  •  Financing over 200 million dollars worth of deals per year.
  •  How he was able to build his network in business via cold calling.
  •  Using his network to provide funding to those who need it for deals.
  •  How to understand lenders in their requirements.
  •  how Clopton Capital has evolved from typical the lending/commercial mortgage brokerages that we typically see.
  •  The importance of storytelling when finding deals.
  •  How lender terms have changed over the last few years.
  •  Where Jake sees interest rates going in the future.
  •  There are many factors that play into interest rates.