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In today’s episode of Ritter On Real Estate, we interview Mark Cira. Mark Cira is a registered CPA in Illinois, PMP, CFO of Cogent Security Consulting, and the co-founder of Cira Capital Group. For Cogent, He oversees all things finance, accounting, and back-office business operations. His experience working at large legal and consulting firms has allowed him to hone his skills in operating a consulting firm. In addition, the skills he has acquired over many years overseeing billions of dollars of critical infrastructure construction projects provide a base for continued client consulting services.

In  2011, Mark co-founded Cira Capital Group to help other busy professionals like himself expand their investment portfolios into private equity real estate. Drawing on his experience, Mark helps curate diverse real estate funds by sourcing opportunities, vetting operators, performing due diligence, and creating investment vehicles.

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Mark’s background in accounting / Consulting.
  • Metting his wife and how she inspired him to get into real estate investing.
  • Learning that real estate is an investment vehicle for everyone.
  • The importance of passive investing, and how CIRA helps investors invest.
  • What Mark looks for in Investments. How will the market continue to play out?
  • Why real estate is better than other types of Investments ie. bonds, equity markets.
  • What is driving people into real estate investing?
  • Common mistakes new investors are making.
  • How do you define being overleveraged?
  • The importance of execution.
  • Why time management is so important in Mark’s life.

Books Mentioned:

  • Investing in Real Estate Private Equity: An Insider’s Guide to Real Estate Partnerships, Funds, Joint Ventures & Crowdfunding by Sean Cook
  • Traction by Geno Wickman
  • Scaling Up by Verne Hamish