Category: Multifamily

In today’s episode of #RitterOnRealEstate, we sit down with special guest, Bob Couture! 

Bob is managing partner of CP Property Group, a realty and investment company, with offices in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Hermosa Beach, California. Bob is also the Co-Founder of the Western Mass Real Estate Investor Group. Additionally, he is a partner in Ironsides PropertyGroup, a property management company in Springfield, MA. As an investor himself, Bob has a personal portfolio of over 50 units and has helped clients achieve their real estate goals through apartment syndications, apartment purchases, and/or multifamily/single-family properties. Welcome to the show Bob! 

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Starting off in the aerospace and defense industry. 
  • Growing up in a construction family.
  • Getting into house flipping but becoming a buy/hold investor.
  • Slowly adding to his portfolio, getting into multifamily & learning about syndication.
  • Focusing on syndication and property management.
  • What inspired Bob to get into Multifamily Investments, natural evolution. 
  • How real estate positively impacted Bob’s life. 
  • Why the US middle east market is undervalued/untapped. 
  • Affordable Housing vs Market Rate 
  • Extremely low turnover with affordable housing.
  • How Bob Couture analyzes deals. 

Books Mentioned:

  • Millionaire Real Estate Investor By Gary Keller. 
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki