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Today’s Ritter On Real Estate guest is Rich Fettke. Twenty years ago, Rich was told he had six months to live at 37 years old. Thankfully, the doctor’s diagnosis was wrong; the melanoma did not spread to his liver. However, that initial diagnosis caused his wife to find a way to make ends meet if he died. She found mentors who helped guide her and led her to learn about real estate investing. After he was healed, they began to invest and learned a way to financial freedom. They wanted to help their friends and family do the same, so they formed what they thought would be a small group of people to learn about investing together.

Today that small group has grown to over 60,000 members. The company that Rich and Kathy built, RealWealth, has helped thousands of people create financial freedom in their own lives. Rich is also the author of Extreme Success (Simon & Schuster, 2002) and the audio program, Momentum.

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Rich’s life-shattering false positive diagnosis. How it changed his life.
  • Rich’s experience house hacking, seeing how real estate creates wealth. Buying 5 properties.
  • Starting Real Wealth, how Rich and his team empower/teach investors.
  • The importance of spending time to get quiet and think.
  • How meditation benefits the brain.
  • The importance of community.
  • What separates Rich’s book from other real estate books.
  • Rich defines what a “Henry” Is.
  • Getting clear about what you want in life.
  • Understanding assets vs liabilities.
  • The wealthy value time and education.

About Rich’s Book:

The Wise Investor is an inspiring parable about building what author Rich Fettke calls Real Wealth, the foundation of financial freedom. It tells the story of Ryan Brooks, a husband, father, and CaptivSoft’s hard-working lead coder who, with the help of a new friend and mentor, finds a different path to financial security for himself and his family and becomes wealthy in more ways than he thought possible.

The foreword was written by Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and the book has been endorsed by Brandon Turner (BiggerPockets Podcasts and Author of The Book on Rental Property Investing), Kristine Carlson (Co-Author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books), Ken McElroy (Author and Investor) and Jon Gordon (Author of The Carpenter and The Energy Bus).

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Books Mentioned:
The Wise Investor By Rich Fettke