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In today’s episode of #RitterOnRealEstate we interview Ryan Barone.  Ryan is the founder and developer of RentRedi. RentRedi started as a mobile application app for tenants & has developed into a sleek, comprehensive, property management dashboard built for landlords. After working to build RentRedi while managing a full-time job & college courses, Ryan Barone began building what is now an all-inclusive landlord-tenant app that helps landlords go mobile and manage rentals from wherever, whenever.

Since its inception, RentRedi has seen accelerated growth. In the past year alone, the company’s customers have grown by 3X, their ARR has grown by 6X, and they have over $4.5B in assets under management. Not only are customers excited by the product RentRedi is creating-investors are excited too. In 2019 and 2020, the company raised $5M in total funding. They show no signs of slowing down: RentRedi’s first quarter in 2022 will be focused on raising a Series A to continue building a powerhouse property management app. Welcome to the show Ryan!

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Ryan’s background looking for his first apartment having trouble getting one with no prior experience.
  • The origin story of the RentRedi App. Starting from the tenant standpoint. Knowing it would be good for landlords as well.
  • How Ryan’s app makes it easier to rent from landlords on the tenant side.
  • How to end its can report issues at the property through the app.
  • Who exactly rent-ready is for.

Books Mentioned: 

  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

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