Category: Underwriting

In today’s Ritter On Real Estate episode, we chat with Xiao Ou Yuan. Xia is the Managing Director of Hageman Capital and manages the day-to-day operations, as well as leading all bond structuring and negotiations for the Hageman Capital portfolio. Prior to joining Hageman Capital, Xiao was a Principal at Fifth Third Securities, a regional investment banking firm, primarily focused on high-yield TIF and municipal bond transactions in the Midwest. Welcome to the show, Xiao!

Key Points From The Episode: 

– Xiao’s background, how he and Kent met.
– What are TIF Bonds and how they work.
– How TIF Bonds work with deals and what developers need to know.
– The positive tax benefits associated with TIF Bonds.
– Why investors should not rely on bonds to make their underwriting work.
– How investors can get started with TIF Bonds.

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