Category: Investments

In today’s podcast, we chat with Cody Yeh. Cody is a YouTuber specializing in personal finance, stock options, and real estate investing, who helps everyday people gain back financial control and reach financial freedom in less than one year’s time! With nearly 14k subscribers and 300k+ total views, Cody started out as a first-generation immigrant from Taiwan, arriving in Canada at 18 on a student visa. Cody has now built a business that generates five-figure monthly returns through his investments and ‘Stock Investing for Beginners’ community (4.2k members)!

When Cody is not investing in stocks, he is focused on real-estate, where Cody’s team works with busy money partners who are looking to generate great returns on their investment in a simple and hassle-free way.

Key Points From The Episode:

-Cody Yeh’s background, starting off going to college wanting to be an engineer. Then realizing it wasn’t for him.

-While working at Honda finding his true passion.

-Buying his first rental property using the profit to invest in the stock market.

-Teaching other investors how to acquire off-market real estate deals.

– Cody’s real estate/stock investing strategy. Using the money from real estate and funneling it into the stock market.

-How to speed up the cycle of creating generational wealth.

-How insurance companies never go broke.

– Warren Buffett’s derivative contracts explained. How he makes billions from insurance premiums.

-The importance of building multiple streams of income.

Books mentioned: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan & Money People Deal by Stefan Aarnio