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Jason Lee is a highly recognized real estate broker in the multifamily real estate industry. He has worked with several eight to ten-figure real estate investors in San Diego County, helping them acquire, sell, and 1031 exchange in order to improve their portfolio.

In the last couple of years, Jason has represented over 75 investors and sold over $150,000,000 worth of real estate in San Diego County.

He is well respected by his investors and he is currently one of the top producing commercial real estate agents in San Diego County. His transactions & insights have been shared in the San Diego Business Journal and Costar.

Jason is not only a prominent but also a very active multifamily investor as well. He has acquired over 15 properties in the past 12 months. Jason is the owner and operator of over $30,000,000 of real estate in San Diego County, totaling just over 65 units.

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Falling into real estate after seeing his friend’s parents success.
  • Closing real estate deals as a broker in college.
  • Graduating and becoming a full-time real estate investor.
  • Key principles Jason’s mentor taught him.
  • Learning how to sell and that the money is in the follow-up.
  • How Jason built a 75+ unit portfolio.
  • What the San Diego real estate market is like.
  • How being a broker impacted Jason’s real estate investments.
  • The importance of focusing on what gets the highest ROI.
  • Why shiny kitchens are overrated… Focus on simple value add.
  • Practical advice for new real estate investors.
  • How to build broker relationships.

Books Mentioned:

  • How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnagie