Category: Leadership

In today’s Ritter On Real Estate episode, we have on returning guest, Paul Ross. Paul is an author, speaker, trainer, and master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. This episode goes over various aspects of the brain, communication, and how the mind works. Paul also lays out some frameworks to help listeners with proper decision-making!

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Paul’s background, how he got started helping people navigate the complexities of the mind.
  • The human mind and how it’s hardwired to think negatively.
  • Kent recalls his personal experience getting coaching from Paul, how it helped him negotiate a multi-million dollar real estate deal.
  • How Paul’s mindset coaching can positively assist real estate investors.
  • Pauls’s key’s to success, the importance of a track record.

Books Mentioned:

  • Subtle Words That Sell by Paul Ross

Where to find Paul: