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On today’s episode or Ritter On Real Estate, We chat with Niti Jamdar.

Niti Jamdar is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Open Spaces Capital based in Philadelphia. He brings 15 years of experience in Strategy, Finance and Audit. He focuses on value-add investing for residential homes and multi-family dwellings in and around Philadelphia. Along with his wife and partner Palak Shah, he manages the end to end life cycle starting from sourcing properties, renovation and rentals along with financing and investor relationships. Welcome To The Show Niti!

Key Points From The Episode:
– Niti’s background, coming to America and working a corporate job but still not achieving time and financial freedom.
– Niti’s investment strategy, how he started vs now.
– Niti’s perspective for new investors in today’s tough real estate market.
– Why invest during an economic downturn.
– Understanding the disconnect. Why people are afraid to invest in real estate.
– The importance of Knowlegde and how it creates confidence when investing.
– What Niti learned during his first investment.

Books Mentioned:
– The One Thing By Gary Keller

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