Category: Multifamily

In today’s episode of Ritter on real estate we interview Eric Chadderdon.   Eric is the co-founder and managing partner of giddy’s capital investment.  Eric first discovered real estate as a child his family owned and operated both single-family and multi-family properties.  Growing up he always thought there was a better way to own real estate efficiently and then he found syndications.

One of the critical highlights of Eric’s life has been building his Investment Portfolio and assisting in his family lowering their work output to become passive investors.  Eric currently owns 660 + multi-family units and has return rates between 18 and 22%. Thanks for coming on the podcast Eric.

Key points from the episode: 

  • Growing up in real estate. Jumping into multifamily to show his family that they were doing it the wrong way.
  • Working in sales before getting into real estate.
  • Seeing his family work in their business and not on their business.
  • Using his education to better his family’s investing.
  • Joining a mastermind and how it helped him tremendously through the years.
  • Where the Giddy’s name came from.
  • How are crimes New Deals.
  • The importance of meetups in networking.
  • Partnerships and sharing the pi.
  • How Eric built the 660 + unit apartment portfolio.
  • How Eric builds his investor pool.

Books Mentioned: 

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Falling Forward By John C. Maxwell