Category: Leadership

On today’s episode of Ritter On Real Estate, we kick off season 2 with a slightly different type of episode. Today our guest is the Vice President of Investor Relations for Hudson Investing, Curtis Edwards.

Curtis has a diverse and global background in finance, marketing, consulting, and business development. An entrepreneur at heart, he’s launched and exited several successful businesses across various sectors including Food & Beverage, Distribution, Hospitality, and Residential and Commercial Real Estate. He uses his depth of knowledge learned from his unique journey to help you wherever you are in your investing journey. Welcome to the show, Curtis!

Key Points From The Episode:

  • Curtis’ background in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship working for and starting multiple businesses.
  • Curtis’ family background in real estate.
  • Why Kent launched Hudson Investing.
  • Kent’s background in management consulting, single family.
  • How to build a strong team and the importance of scaling Hudson Investing.
  • Wanting to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.
  • Lessons Kent has learned over the years as a multifamily investor/syndicator.
  • Understanding interest rates and the current economic landscape for investors.
  • Upgrades/changes Hudson Investing made to better improve investor experience and returns in 2022.
  • How to build better trust/relationships with investors.

Interested in learning more about Hudson Investing? Click the link here: