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In today’s Episode of #RitterOnRealEstate, we chat with Matthew Sullivan. Matthew is the CEO and Founder of QuantmRE, serial entrepreneur, Founder and President of crowdfunding real estate company, author of “Headfirst: A roadmap for entrepreneurs” and host of the Hooked on Startups podcast. He also spent a number of years working alongside Richard Branson and the Virgin corporate finance team in London, UK, where he was appointed a director and Trustee of Virgin’s London Air Ambulance.


After studying Law at Birmingham University, he pursued a career in finance and stockbroking. He then chose an entrepreneurial path and founded Europe’s first internet billing application service provider. Over the years, he has founded and led companies in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States in the finance, telecommunications, technology and real estate sectors.


Matthew Sullivan is a man on a mission to help homeowners get cash from their equity with no interest or monthly payments. He has helped hundreds of homeowners use their home equity to pay off expensive credit cards, remodel, pay college tuition fees etc. without taking on extra debt.


Key Topics From The Episode:


  • Started off as an entrepreneur in stockbroker in the late 90s. Working with Richard Branson.
  • Starting so investors could invest online in real estate.
  • What QuantmRE is and how it works.
  • Investing in owner-occupied homes.
  • Allowing people to access home equity with no more debt or monthly payments up to 30 years.
  • Using preferred equity interest to get homeowners the capital they need.
  • Typical QuantmRE agreement.
  • QuantmRE being a great alternative for those who can’t qualify for traditional loans.
  • Using blockchain to slice home equity Arrangements investors. 


Books Mentioned: 

  • The Bank Free Blueprint By Tom Braegelman