• 01.

    Is Value Add Real Estate the Right Move for You?

    Is value-add real estate the right move for you? The quick response is “it depends.” There are several factors to consider, and if the answer turns out to be “yes,” there are a couple of important follow-up questions that essentially boil down to “How should you invest in value-add real...

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  • 02.

    ESG Real Estate Investing: Responsible Investing 101

    With the rise of ESG responsible investing, modern investors can build a portfolio with a conscience and put their dollars behind causes and platforms that matter. Real estate investors have a unique opportunity to apply ESG principles thanks to transparency that exists in syndications and individual property ownership. Read on...

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  • 03.

    Are Apartments a Good Investment? What You Should Know

    Multifamily properties have long been the bread and butter of real estate investors, and for good reasons: consistent income and appreciation make apartments very appealing. However, a closer look at the question, are apartments a good investment, reveals even more reasons to add multifamily housing to your portfolio....

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  • 04.

    Best Counties for Multifamily Investment in Indiana

    The pandemic shifted many of our perspectives, including the idea of real estate investment in Indiana. As a result, the formerly overlooked Hoosier State is increasingly becoming the darling of multifamily investors’ eyes, and the opportunity remains ready to take advantage of. Read on to discover some of the most...

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  • 05.

    The Social Impacts of Your Real Estate Investing Decisions

    Investors traditionally turn to real estate for reliable returns that hedge against inflation and for passive income to supplement or replace traditional work. However, as we increasingly understand the long-term and auxiliary consequences of real estate decisions, investors can also use their funds to further principles they hold dear....

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  • 06.

    Indianapolis Multifamily Investor Meetup: June Takeaways

    Every month I host the Indianapolis Multifamily Investor Meetup, a learning and networking group open to all experience levels. The featured speaker for June was none other than Justin Goodin, Founder & CEO at Next Level Equity. After investing in single family homes, Justin discovered a more powerful way to...

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