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    Top 5 Real Estate Asset Management Strategies

    Making a real estate investment–such as purchasing a multifamily residential property, as an individual or as a sponsor–is the first step in a journey. This journey ends with the eventual sale of the property. In between closing on the purchase and closing on the eventual sale, the property is an...

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    What Is the Multifamily Market Outlook in 2022?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if every real estate investor had access to a crystal ball that would accurately reveal the movement of their market segment during the coming year? We know that’s not going to happen, but we do have access to information from multiple reliable, authoritative sources that will...

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    Are Microunits a Growing Trend in Multifamily Communities?

    The idea of living in an apartment not much bigger than a one-car garage may seem a little odd until you consider the tiny house trend and the growing number of digital nomads happily living and working in campers and converted vans. Is a minimalist housing footprint a passing fad...

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    Expert Predicts the Housing Market for 2022

    Every so often, the real estate pendulum swings from what is commonly referred to as a seller’s market to a buyer’s market or from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market, but it inevitably swings back in the other direction at some point. Exactly when that pendulum will reverse direction...

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    What Is Cap Rate and What’s the Best Rate for Multi-Family Investments?

    Experts predict a hot multi-family market for 2022, which means investors need to be able to compare multi-family properties and decide which ones represent the best opportunities for profit. That’s where capitalization rates, cap rates for short, come into play....

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    How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

    If there’s one thing to be found in the overall investment strategy of very wealthy people, it’s commercial real estate. In recent years, commercial real estate investments have achieved average annual returns that beat the S&P 500 by about 4%, thanks in part to cash flow, appreciation, and the tax...

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    What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding and Does It Really Work?

    Real estate crowdfunding hasn’t been a “thing” for very long compared to other ways to invest in real estate. It’s a great example of how technology creates new opportunities—opportunities that are essentially new ways of doing something that we’ve been doing all along....

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    Is Value Add Real Estate the Right Move for You?

    Is value-add real estate the right move for you? The quick response is “it depends.” There are several factors to consider, and if the answer turns out to be “yes,” there are a couple of important follow-up questions that essentially boil down to “How should you invest in value-add real...

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