• 01.

    Indianapolis Real Estate Market Trends in 2021

    Over the past year, shifting population patterns put previously overlooked cities on investors’ maps. With quickly rising home prices and a record-low, fast-moving inventory, Indianapolis made Forbes’ list of top markets to watch in 2021. Here are some key Indianapolis real estate market trends to watch in 2021 and beyond...

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  • 02.

    Top Ways to Increase the Value of an Apartment Building

    Multifamily properties allow investors to enjoy a steady monthly income from resident rent and profits from appreciation when selling the property. Investors can maximize these profits at the project’s termination through forced appreciation. Here are some key ways to increase the value of an apartment building....

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  • 03.

    How to Find & Vet Real Estate Syndication Deals

    You may already know the benefits of real estate syndication, but how do you actually go about finding deals? And beyond finding deals, what kind of due diligence should you perform to compare potential opportunities? In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to...

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  • 04.

    Multifamily Investing: The Ultimate Guide

    The steady income from rental payments, ability to increase property value, and continuing demand make multifamily properties attractive investment opportunities. If you’re new to multifamily investing, this guide will teach you everything you need to know, so you can decide if it’s right for your portfolio....

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  • 05.

    7 Best Multifamily Markets in the Midwest U.S.

    Multifamily properties contain many units for renters, providing an opportunity to earn significant passive income. Multifamily real estate can include properties ranging from a duplex to a large scape apartment building. In the last year, even through a volatile real estate market, there has been growth in several Midwest United...

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  • 06.

    What is Real Estate Syndication? The Ultimate Guide

    There are many ways in which you can invest in real estate. Whether you’re new to the world of real estate investing or have been at it for many years, it is essential to understand and consider all of your investment options. One of the newest and most exciting options...

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  • 07.

    How My Investing Journey Made Me a Better Person

    How do you measure success? I was forced to ask myself this exact question not too long ago before my investing journey began. Looking at my track record: I’d become a partner in a startup and successfully exited with my first million at just thirty years old. After that, I...

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    Indianapolis Multifamily Investor Meetup: June Takeaways

    Every month I host the Indianapolis Multifamily Investor Meetup, a learning and networking group open to all experience levels. The featured speaker for June was none other than Justin Goodin, Founder & CEO at Next Level Equity. After investing in single family homes, Justin discovered a more powerful way to...

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  • 09.

    Starting Out 2021 in Pandemic Style

    Earlier this year, my wife and I caught COVID-19 back to back. The experience disrupted our start to the year, but left us with some valuable lessons moving forward. A Strong Start Since the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020, things “not going according to plan” became the...

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