Kent is a former management consultant, start-up owner, and corporate executive turned full-time real estate investor and operator. Kent has achieved financial freedom, and now he is on a mission to empower others to to the same through through multifamily investing.

Kent is dedicated to teaching others how to make good investing decisions. He is the host of the Ritter on Real Estate podcast and Youtube channel where he provides impactful interviews and practical tips for investors. His goal is reflected in the show’s motto to help others “Invest like a Pro!” Additionally, Kent hosts the monthly Indianapolis Multifamily Investing Meetup, which is an amazing group of active and aspiring multifamily investors.

When he is not interviewing the top names in real estate, Kent serves as a Managing Director at the multifamily private equity firm Birge & Held Asset Management.

In his role, Kent leads the Private Select Portfolio which has the unique strategy of leveraging Birge & Held’s scale and the latest Prop. Tech. to create outsized returns from acquiring and improving mismanaged, undercapitalized, and undervalued properties.

In his free time, Kent loves spending time with his family. They were the catalyst for his journey to financial independence. His WHY.  He is proud to be the dad at every ballet practice and field trip.  Kent has a beautiful wife and three children…All under four!